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- High quality light weight titanium bolts, nuts, washers and pivot pins available from ZETA.

- Brake disc bolt kit and sprocket kit available for specific models.

- Made of hot forged Ti-6AL-4V for a durable and extremely light weight product.

- High precision CNC machined bolt and nut head, head size is one size smaller than industrial standard for reduced weight.


Hot forging, CNC machining, thread rolling

ZETA titanium product is designed to be light weight with no decoration. Titanium products are not only machined but also hot forged to provide more tensile strength than material strength. Bolt and nut are designed with a smaller CNC machined head for a lighter design.

Titanium type and strength difference between other material.
Pure Titanium


Lower price than other titanium alloy, great corrosion resistance, but less strength.


Alfa alloy Great creep resistance and welding work, but bad workability.
Beta alloyMost durable titanium alloy, easy workability, but high production cost.
Alfa beta alloyGreat durability, ductility, toughness and workability. Zeta Titanium product is made of this material, Ti-6AL-4V. 


ZETA titanium products are made of Ti-6AL-4V. This chemical notation means this titanium includes 6% aluminum (AL) and 4% vanadium (V). This material is light weight and durable. It is used in aircraft / space industries, nuclear industry, industrial turbine, race car / motorcycle etc.

Titanium Name


Alloy name


Tensile strength


Pure titanium


JIS Grade 1275-412 N/mm2
JIS Grade 2343-510 N/mm2
JIS Grade 3481-618 N/mm2
Alfa alloy


Ti-5AI-2.5Sn850 N/mm2
Alfa-beta alloy


Ti-6Al-4V900 N/mm2
Beta alloy


Ti-15Mo-5Zr-3A11470 N/mm2
Other alloy


Alloy name


Tensile strength




2017-T4425 N/mm2
uper duralumin


2024-T361495 N/mm2
Extra super duralumin


7075-T6570 N/mm2


SS400400 N/mm2
Carbon steel


S45C570 N/mm2
Chromium molybdenum steel


SCM435930 N/mm2


ZETA Gr5-TI MC PivotPin BremoDFZT15-3110ZETA Gr5-TI MC PivotPin BremoEj i lager, beställd229.00
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