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Triga iBoost

Triga-IBoost is a package deal that will transform your bike from just another beast out there, into a vicious monster on steroids! With more power and torque over the whole rpm range and improved throttle response it is a dream come true for the experienced rider, putting it to use in record breaking lap times. For low- to midrange rpm region the performance gain is even more obvious.


The Triga-IBoost package contains the following main products.


The Triga-TBI is a fully flow engineered masterpiece that improves the volumetric efficiency of your bike’s engine. By applied PWT (Pressure Wave Tuning), the up and down running pressure wave in the intake system is tuned to ensure the positive peak of the pressure wave is there when the intake valve opens. As a result your combustible charge is larger than is ever has been.

Throttle control by a butterfly valve is known for its low flow loss up to 75% of TPS, however for the high range the flow is more restricted since the valve is still horizontally present. So, for all you WOT riders we at Triga-Engineering came up with Triga-TBV, a piece of precision technology that’ll eliminate the high end flow loss that you get from the manufacturers decision in choosing cost over performance. As Triga-TBI and Triga-TBV have to cooperate perfectly, the Triga engineers have decided not to choose cost over performance creating the Triga-IBoost package.