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GET RX1 is designed to fully exploit everything your bike has to offer, ensuring better power delivery and timing at any speed. The ECUs are plug and play and includes two racing maps. RX1 Evo is available for fourstrokes MY 2016 -2018/19, for applications from 2018 the model is SX1 Pro. Both SX1Pro and RX1 Evo are compatible with GPA, WiFiCom and for some 250/350 bikes a second injector. In the Race Kit for 250/300 TPIs parts are also included to move injectors to an optimal position which allows a huge power increase and smoother power delivery. The RX1 Pro Basic kits includes the ECU and a map switch. The RX1 Pro kits includes also the WiFi com module to connect the ECU to WiGET App.

To achieve maximum performance the control units are compatible with GET LC-GPA device enabling a Launch Control feature or GPA switch to adjust traction control. 


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