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The AIR4ORCE tunable intake system



…the bike was more responsive and quicker to rev with the AIR4ORCE, which makes the bike respond better, act more nimble, and even feel lighter. -Dirt Rider Magazine

We knew right from the beginning we did not want to jump on the proverbial band wagon and rush to offer a product where the performance benefit is often questionable and marginal at best. Instead we wanted to again enjoy the satisfaction of being chosen by every Factory race team as mandatory equipment for racing at the highest level. We chose to build on our vast knowledge of air intake and began work on developing the AIR4ORCE in the Summer of 2008. When initial dyno and field testing showed impressive results, development was kicked into overdrive. By mid-summer of 2010 we had actual production samples that were ready for the ultimate test: the outdoor nationals. Matt Jory of the Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda race team was one of the first to gain access to the AIR4ORCE intake system. With Matt's knowledge in four-stroke engine technology he immediately understood the benefits of being able to swap out velocity stacks as well as increasing the air volume of the boot. The Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda race team began using the AIR4ORCE immediately and raced the last three motocross nationals of 2010 with the AIR4ORCE intake in all their Honda CRF250R's, including Tarah Geiger.

My job is to make sure we are using the very best components on our race bikes and the AIR4ORCE tunable intake is just that! -Matt Jory, Lead Technician TLD/Honda

Since then several more teams and riders have been added to the AIR4ORCE equipped roster,such as… Factory Honda, GEICO / Honda, Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda, DNA / Shred Stix / Yamaha, Rockstar Suzuki Lites team, ARMA/Suzuki City's Malcom Stewart, Matt Lemoine, Nico Izzi, Darryn Durham, BikeIt Cosworth Yamaha GP team, Yamaha Gariboldi Monster Energy GP team, Ashley Fiolek, Tarah Geiger, Jessica Patterson, and more. The AIR4ORCE has also already chalked up several wins in the 2011 season with riders like Cole Seely, Eli Tomac, Ryan Sipes and Justin Barcia, Zach Osborne and Arnaud Tonus.

This is not just a pro mod, this is a boost that all riders can benefit from immediately. It sure has been a key addition to our holeshots this year!” -Steve Dixon, Owner BikeIt Cosworth Yamaha Grand Prix Team

The AIR4ORCE tunable intake system has received 100's of hours of development and fine-tuning to bring you the the highest level of performance, while also allowing a simple straight forward installation. Every characteristic of the AIR4ORCE has been taken into consideration, a fact you'll notice as soon as you open the box. We hope you enjoy the new AIR4ORCE tunable intake system as much as we enjoyed developing it from a concept on the drawing table, to a vital part of a winning motorcycle.

The AIR4ORCE gives me an advantage everywhere on the track, making the AIR4ORCE intake a must have. —Eli Tomac

COLE SEELY - TLD/Lucas Oil/Honda


ZACH OSBORNE - BikeIt Cosworth Yamaha Wild Wolf


HARRI KULLAS - Yamaha Monster Energy Gariboldi GP Team

What is the AIR4ORCE?

The AIR4ORCE is a tunable intake system via interchangeable velocity stacks.

What does it do?

The AIR4ORCE tunable intake system allows the user to now change the power characteristics to suit track conditions and rider preference.

What can I expect after installing the AIR4ORCE tunable intake system?

Depending on the chosen velocity stack installed in the AIR4ORCE you will gain better throttle response and bottom and mid-range power (with longer velocity stack), or better throttle response and mid-range to top (with the shorter velocity stack installed).

What is a velocity stack?

A velocity stack is a device of differing lengths which is fitted to the air entry of an engine's intake system, carburetor or fuel injection. It is designed to:

  1. Allow smooth and even entry of air at high velocities into the intake tract with the flow stream adhering to the pipe walls.
  2. Modify the dynamic tuning range of the intake tract by functioning as a resonating pipe which can adjust the frequency of pressure pulses, based on its length, within the tract.

Will other velocity stacks be available in the future?

Absolutely. As we continue to work closely with the Factory race teams we will develop model specific "race spec" velocity stacks that will be available in addition to the two velocity stacks included with each AIR4ORCE tunable intake system.

What is involved with installing the AIR4ORCE?

Remove subframe (using directions provided in your motorcycle manufacturer's owners manual), remove rubber boot between airbox and carburetor throttle body, and replace with the AIR4ORCE.

Why did Moto Tassinari feel this was needed on modern four-stroke motorcycles?

When Moto Tassinari begin focusing on four-stroke motors for our next product, we knew one thing for sure. We did not want to add to the already saturated market of gimmick type products, that are truly questionable in regards to how much performance they offer. We knew we wanted build on our solid reputation of the VForce3 and create a product that actually makes an improvement in power, throttle response and ridability. So we chose to stick with what we know, air intake, and that is how the AIR4ORCE was born. It's been a solid two years in development and is now ready for the marketplace after countless hours of dyno and field testing as well as being tested by the likes of John Dowd.

When will the AIR4ORCE tunable intake system be available?

Select models of the AIR4ORCE will begin shipping in mid to late Summer 2010.

What is included when I purchase an AIR4ORCE?

Moto Tassinari product line brochure, Moto Tassinari and AIR4ORCE decals, detailed installation instructions, two velocity stacks, AIR4ORCE tunable intake system and hose clamps & gaskets where necessary.