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Semi-metallic compound (G1054): this compound works very well at low temperatures and is less abrasive to the brake disc, although it has lower braking power than the sintered compounds and lower durability, especially in muddy conditions. This compound is extra quiet and offers very progressive braking. 

Standard sintered compound (G1396): a highly versatile compound that occupies the middle ground in terms of durability and braking power. This compound does not need a high working temperature to offer its full potential, nor is it overly abrasive to the brake disc. Good performance in wet and muddy conditions. 

Sintered Racing compound (G1396R): the most durable brake pad compound and the highest braking power. This compound requires a higher working temperature to yield its full performance and is more abrasive to the brake disc. The pads feature a groove on the braking surface to help evacuate mud and water, and ceramic paint on the rear support to improve cooling. It is the compound of choice, both front and rear, for most of the Galfer teams in the EnduroGP World Championship.