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V-force 3 Snow

The unique design of the VForce reed valve system features double the reed tip surface over a conventional reed valve design. This has two major benefits: 1) The reed petals only travel half the distance as a conventional reed valve design to get the same airflow. 2) Because the reed petals only need to travel half the distance of that on a conventional reed valve design, there is a greater chance of them being fully opened as well as a better chance of sealing when they are "closed". A reed petal never truly "closes" in a classic sense, as it is always in movement. Consider this, an engine operating at 8,000 RPM results in a reed petal opening and closing 133 times in one second. This fact, sheds light on another VForce advantage. Since the petals are only traveling half the distance, they generally last longer as they receive less wear than the reed petals on a conventional reed valve design.

While a VForce reed valve system offers increased bottom end, stronger mid-range and longer top-end, it also allows more airflow which means more horsepower. The VForce3 also incorporates a completely screw free design eliminating any worries of loose screws, or worse engine damage caused by a screw going through your engine. An added benefit of a screw free design is that it also always for super quick reed petal changes. Speaking of reed petals…beginning with the VForce3 we no longer use different "outer" and "inner" reed petals. This also aids in quicker reed petal changes and can make a pack of reed petals last twice as long if you are only getting wear on the outer reed petal edges.

The VForce3R improves upon the VForce3 by adding rubber overmolding to the reed cage tip area. This greatly improves reed petal life, while also allowing the use of a thinner, very responsive and higher performance reed petal.