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The new GET SX1 PRO line of motorbike Electronic Control Units (ECUs) aims to keep riders ahead. Compatible with 2024 electronic injection models, including new 2-stroke injection engines, the SX1 PRO offers improved power delivery and distribution without compromising reliability.

The Plug&Play device installs directly onto the bike's main wiring, enhancing data processing speed for optimal management of various parameters like throttle position, intake pressure, and temperature. Featuring a Full CAN-bus communication protocol, it includes two Racing maps with GPA Traction Control and Launch Control, customizable via the SX1 CONTROLLER.

The SX1 CONTROLLER, a multifunction handlebar control, intuitively manages engine maps, traction control, and launch control with visual feedback via integrated LEDs. Customization is possible through WiFi using the SX1 CONNECT module, which also provides real-time monitoring and diagnostic data, maintenance scheduling, and parameter adjustments through the WiGET app.

For advanced tuning, the Maya programming software allows professional intervention on injection times, ignition advance degrees, rev limiter, gearbox cut-off times, and other parameters. Additionally, the SX1 PRO supports data acquisition systems like the SL1 Smart Logger via CAN-bus based UDS communication protocol, enabling comprehensive monitoring and analysis of motorcycle sensor data.


SX1 PRO Kawasaki 450 KX 2024GK-SX1P4-0004SX1 PRO Kawasaki 450 KX 2024Not in stock, on order899.00
SX1 PRO Kawasaki 250 KX 2024GK-SX1P4-0005SX1 PRO Kawasaki 250 KX 2024Not in stock, on order899.00